Sunday, October 23, 2011

Kids I.Q.

First of all, just wondering, does anyone ever get their child's I.Q. tested? I don't think I have ever taken an official I.Q. test. Is that normal or do most people do that at some point in their life?

Did you know your child's I.Q.can increase or fall significantly during the teenage years? A new on brain scans shows our Intelligence Quotient and that of our kids is not constant. What did I pull from this study? If your child isn't doing well in school, that doesn't mean he/she can't do a lot better! Your child isn't just bad at school. That has got to be a good feeling for parents struggling with kids' grades.

FROM SCIENCE DAILY: In a study published October 20 in the journal Nature, researchers at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging at UCL (University College London) and the Centre for Educational Neuroscience show for the first time that, in fact, our IQ is not constant.

According to Professor Price, a Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow, it is not clear why IQ should have changed so much and why some people's performance improved while others' declined. It is possible that the differences are due to some of the subjects being early or late developers, but it is equally possible that education had a role in changing IQ, and this has implications for how schoolchildren are assessed.

"We have a tendency to assess children and determine their course of education relatively early in life, but here we have shown that their intelligence is likely to be still developing," says Professor Price. "We have to be careful not to write off poorer performers at an early stage when in fact their IQ may improve significantly given a few more years.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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