Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In Vitro Success Prediction Test

I know people who have spent upwards of $40,000 on in Vitro fertilization and still do not have a child. These are middle income people who are going into major debt to try and conceive. I think a prediction test would be amazing. I wish women could take it before the first attempt, but even if they can only take before the second attempt, it is helpful. I just hope it's accurate!

FROM NBC: Stanford researchers have developed a new test that may predict the success of In Vitro Fertilization. Each year, doctors perform almost 100-thousand I.V.F. cycles on women with fertility problems -- yet only 29-percent result in live births.
And because the procedure is financially, emotionally and physically taxing, women are often wary to try again.

The new test relies on data from a woman's first I.V.F. attempt, and was found to be one thousand times more accurate than the current guidelines based on age.
The test uses age, levels of certain hormones and quality of eggs to come up with a computer model that predicts the probability of a live birth.

Here's more on the story from Reuters

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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