Monday, July 19, 2010

Cigs to Teenagers

Teenagers are still very susceptible to starting smoking. Just about everyone smoked by the time they went to college (when I was that age.) I wonder if fewer teenagers are starting to smoke now with all the new research on the health implications. I kind of doubt it, but who knows! Since I don't smoke, I think I ignore the cigarette ads in small retail stores like gas stations.

FROM CNN: Point-of-sale cigarette advertising works quite well on teens-- so much so that researchers believe federal officials should ban all cigarette ads in small retail stores.

The teen years are the time when the majority of people pick up the smoking habit. A new study conducted by Stanford researchers reported that teens were much more likely to smoke when they were exposed to cigarette advertising in small retail stores like gas stations and convenience stores.

Over 1600 teens and 'tweens were surveyed who had never smoked. After a year, 18 per cent had at least tried smoking. On average, students were exposed to 325 cigarette-brand images each week. Those who started smoking were the students who had reported frequent visits to stores with the most cigarette ads.
In 2006, point-of-sale ads represented 90 per cent of the cigarette industry's 12.5 billion dollar marketing budget.

Researchers said that regulating or banning these advertisements would help curb teen smoking even further.
When companies advertise cigarettes among common household products such as cereal and laundry detergent, smoking appears to be normal. Researchers said the technique should not be allowed any longer.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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