Monday, May 10, 2010

More Moms over 35-years-old

I am no expert, but I read this and have a few ideas of my own about why women are waiting so long to start a family. I think it is more socially acceptable for women to get married at an older age. Some women are waiting until they find Mr. Right before starting a family. Twenty years ago, they may have married whomever they were dating in their early 20s. And women who do get married don't feel as pressured by society to start having babies right away. Although, I didn't follow this trend. I wanted babies right away. I LOVE my babies. I can't wait to get home tonight and give my little guy a hug!

FROM NBC: On the heels of Mother's Day Celebrations, a report finds new members of the "mom" club are older, and more educated, than ever before.

The study out of the Pew Research Center finds one in seven babies is born to a mother older than thirty five, compared to one in eleven babies twenty years ago.
Also, the number of mothers who have at least some college education is up thirteen percent.

Experts say improvements in fertility treatments, and women delaying parenthood to go to college and establish careers, is likely behind the increase in age.

While a majority of parents said they decided to have children because of the "joy" kids can bring, over half also said it wasn't a decision, it just happened. The study also found over forty percent of births were among women who were not married.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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