Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Get rid of Drop-side Cribs

I have to say I am disappointed drop-side cribs aren't safe. I have a drop-side crib and one of the bolts on the top IS stripped-creating a strangulation hazard for a baby. It is the crib I used for my oldest and middle son. We recently took down the crib in my 3-year-old's room (I know, we waited forever to do this) and I noticed it was broken on the top right corner. I put it downstairs in storage anyway (because I am a total pack rat.) I can't bear the thought of getting rid of it. It matches the dresser and the crib is solid wood. It was a gift from my my in-laws. I was really hoping another family member could use the crib/dresser set. That is why my basement is filled to the brim with boxes and plastic bins. I just can't get rid of anything. I wonder if it's a disorder....

Fortunately, my neighbor gave me her crib/dresser set when my new baby was born. The crib does not have a drop-side. Are you using or did you use a drop-side crib with your babies?

FROM NBC: The government's product safety watchdog is trying to get unsafe cribs out of American homes. As part of that effort, they have a warning for parents.
The Consumer Product Safety Commission isn't issuing another crib recall, but rather - a warning about a certain type of crib- drop-sides - the kind where the side lowers to allow better access to a baby.

There have been serious problems with the durability of these drop-side cribs.
And as a result drop-sides have been opening up and causing gaps where children can strangle or suffocate. Since 2000, the CPSC has documented 32 infant and toddler deaths because of the cribs - and the safety watchdog believes drop-sides may be responsible for another 14. In the last 5 years, the CPSC has announced 11 recalls involving more than 7 million drop-side cribs.

New and more rigorous mandatory federal standards are expected from the CPSC by the end of the year and efforts are underway to ban drop-side cribs altogether.
For now, parents with drop-sides in their homes are asked to pay close attention to the crib's hardware - if they're broken, get rid of it. if they're loose, tighten it up, but don't try to fix a broken crib yourself - that's a mistake and an accident waiting to happen.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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