Monday, March 8, 2010

No More Soda at School

Some of you may think I sound extreme, but I honestly don't see why any school has soda-diet or regular! What is the deal? Why do middle school and teenage kids need to drink soda during the day? I don't think it should be offered. If they want to drink soda, they can bring it from home. Why encourage it? Do schools around here offer soda to kids? Mine oldest doesn't eat lunch in the cafeteria yet so I don't know.

FROM NBC: Chances are you won't find a regular Coke or Pepsi in the cafeteria -- a new report shows progress is being made on an initiative to cut the number of full-calorie soft drinks in schools. The initiative began in 2004 -- since then shipments of full-calorie drinks are down 95 percent. Calories shipped are down 88 percent.

Now fruit juice, low-fat milk and bottled water are provided to elementary and middle schools.
High school students have the same drink options, as well as diet sodas, sports drinks, flavored water and tea. Former president Bill Clinton is involved in the project through his foundation. He says a benefit of the program is schools haven't experienced long-term revenue loss.

"We have a win-win scenario. Schools can offer healthier beverages, and maintain revenues that support important extracurricular activities." The goal is to curb the childhood obesity epidemic -- although the report was *not* able to determine if the students actually consumed fewer calories.
The initiative is the work of the American Beverage Association, the American Heart Association, and the William J Clinton foundation.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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