Sunday, March 7, 2010

Facebook Age Limit

My six-year-old LOVES the computer so I do wonder when he will start asking me for a Facebook account! Or will this Facebook think just be a fad that won't be around in five years? I don't know, but I am sure there are parents who struggle to decide when their kids can join the social networking site. I don't see the point of letting them join until their friends are all on it. So I say we all join forces and ban Facebook until the kids are at least in high school. Post a comment and let me know what age you think is appropriate for kids to join Facebook.

FROM NBC: How young is too young for a child to have a profile on a social networking site? Facebook and Myspace have recommended age minimums of 13 years old and many parents are overlooking that letting kids as young as 7 create profiles. But the FBI says that's dangerous.

Linda Greenway, Mother: "There is not a 'too young.'" Linda Greenway's son John is a sixth grader. He started social networking at a very young age. John Pittman, 11-years-old: "I was on MySpace when I was about 7. I was living with my dad and it was a way to contact my mom whenever I couldn't talk to her or see her."

Now 11-years-old, john just got a Facebook page too. As for his profile pages, there are house rules. His mom does not allow pictures on his pages. Even his information is unidentifiable.
Linda Greenway, Mother: "It's not his real age. It's not his real name. It's not his real town he lives in. Everything is set to private." But strangers can send anyone a message on these sites, including your child. If you do not want a stranger to contact your child, on Facebook for example, go into "privacy settings" and change "send me a message" to "only friends."

Despite that, law enforcement on the local and federal levels ask parents this... Stacy Arruda, FBI Cyber Crimes: "Why would you want to expose your child to any potential danger." "By allowing your child to have a social networking page, I don't care what security you have at your house, you've punched a huge hole in the side of your house and you're allowing predators into your home."

So how young is too young to this FBI agent?
Stacy Arruda, FBI Cyber Crimes: "Under 18."

And while the age minimum is up in the air, there's no doubt, if your child is out on the world wide web, you need to pave a path of protection.
Bill Mason, Prosecutor: "A parent who's involved with child on the Internet, is a predator's worst nightmare.

When you're involved watching, participating, probably not going to get close to your children."
Linda says,protecting her prized possessions is her only priority. Linda Greenway, Mother:"I'm not here to be their friend. I'll let them play. I'll let them have fun, but you're going to do it mommy's way."

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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