Wednesday, July 29, 2009

When Kids Should Learn Math

FROM NBC: How young is too young to learn math? A new report says even in the first year of life, babies are grasping basic concepts - and preschools need to build on that ... so kids aren't left behind when they hit kindergarten.

There's been a lot of concern about the US being behind other nations in math And science. President Obama has said he wants to make it a priority - and now This new report explains how. The National Research Council - a well-respected group of academics based in Washington - says we've spent a lot of time teaching preschoolers their ABC's, but not nearly enough teaching the 1-2-3's.

Four-year-old Jacob can count to 100 --
His classmates are writing and grouping numbers -- Basic concepts that experts say children need well before they enter Kindergarten. Michael Helling: Teacher "The longer you wait, the more chances you're gonna have that they're gonna fall through the cracks."

The National Research Council finds kids ages 3 to 6 are already learning numbers and geometry through everyday experiences: Anuschka Boekhoudt: Teacher "When we're going outside we're lining up and then we're all gonna count. Count how many friends we have." Michael Helling: teacher "They're learning addition and subtraction but they don't really realize it you know. It's just, it's fun for them." Kids are ready to learn - the report says. It's preschool teachers who need more math training.

I think I should help my almost kindergartner brush up on his skills. He did learn to count to 100 in preschool last year, but he would sometimes need help. I should probably go over the "sounds" of the letters too just in case he forgot some. I can't believe school starts in just a few weeks! This summer has flown by! When did your kids learn to count to 100?

Here are some links to the top 10 kid's math websites according to

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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