Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Turning a Breech Baby

Another week has gone by and still baby "Robot" has not turned. I am getting nervous. I have a sono on Friday. I am hoping that will help show me which breech tilting position will work best. I have been trying them all since last week. I feel him scrunch up toward the top of my stomach and I think, "This is it!" However, an hour later I still feel his little feet kicking my cervix. I think my baby is picture A-complete breech.

My five-year-old and two-year-old both had their feet up on the couch and their heads on pillows on the floor this morning. It was quite a site. So I was laughing for part of it! That doesn't help! I wish someone had been there to take a picture!

Here are the recommendations for turning a breech baby naturally. If you had success, please let me know which method you tried. I am going to try the pelvic tilt tonight. I am curious about the chiropractor because my back is killing me.

15 ways to turn a breech baby and had a natural childbirth.

Visualization ~ as with most things visualization will work with this too. Just close your eyes, take some deep breaths, relax and visualize your baby turning. The clearer you can make this visualization the better.

Swimming ~ Swimming is awesome, it not only helps keep your hips and pelvis loose, but it is like a gravity free zone which helps the baby turn.

Headstands in the pool ~ An excellent way to turn a breech baby. Doing headstands in the pool takes advantage of the gravity free zone as well as letting the baby float/turn in the right direction.

Breech Tilt ~ Get an ironing board or another flat surface. Rest the edge on a stable surface (couch, chair, bed) 12 to 18 inches off the ground. Lay with your head near the floor and your feet at the high end. Prop some pillows under your pelvis. Do this for 15 minutes 2 or 3 times a day until the breech baby turns.(I did this one in the opposite direction-same idea but your head is on the floor face first.)

Pelvic Tilt ~ much like the Breech Tilt but on the floor ~ Put some ice or frozen peas at the top of your tummy (you’re creating an aversion for the baby) Then prop pillows under your pelvis so it is tilted in the air.

Circular Massage ~ while you are in either of the tilt positions you can gently ~ like applying lotion ~ massage your tummy in circular motion. Use both hands. Start with one on the top of your belly the other on the bottom, move your bottom hand up toward the other and then move the second hand back down.

Light ~ Kind of like a cat chasing a laser pointer ~ take a strong flashlight and start at the top of your tummy, run the light around your belly toward your pelvis. The baby will follow the light thereby turning. (This is best done in conjunction with the Breech Tilt of Pelvic Tilt)

Music ~ This may sound crazy ~ but I’ve heard it works well for some. Take headphones and put them next to your pelvis. The baby will hear the music and turn toward it. Classical is best for this technique.

Feet up the Wall ~ this is similar to the tilts ~ you will lay on your back, walk your feet up the wall and then prop your pelvis up with some pillows. Do this 3x/day for 15 minutes.

Flower Essences ~ Bach Flower Essences can be a life saver for many issues. For turning a Breech Baby you will want to use Bach’s Bougainvilla Essence. Follow the instructions on then bottle.

Pulsatilla ~ A homeopathic frequently used to help turn breech babies. You can start using Pulsatilla as soon as you find out your baby is breech, but do not continue past 4 weeks from your due date. Your doula or midwife should be able to assist you in the use of Pulsatilla.

Chiropractic ~ There is a chiropractic maneuver called Webster’s Breech Technique. You will need to find a qualified and experienced chiropractor for this technique. Make sure to ask your chiropractor if they have experience in this technique before allowing them to work on you. Regular chiropractic care will help your pelvis stay open also allowing the baby more room to turn.

This is my favorite and the one that worked for my incredibly stubborn baby when nothing else did.

Moxibustion ~ This is an acupressure technique used with heat on a pressure point on your toe. My chiropractor showed me how to do it and gave me the moxa sticks. I then was able to do it home regularly until she turned. Here is a great article with pictures on Moxibustion. Placement of the heat is important that’s why I really like this article. You can also use the pressure point used in Moxibustion for regular acupressure whether with your fingers or a clothespin.

Acupressure ~ There are many pressure points in the body that will assist you not only with turning a breech baby but during labor and delivery. They can help open your pelvis, keep calm, help get labor started again if your labor stalls. All in all acupressure is a great thing to know during your pregnancy because you can do it yourself, and it can help with so many different things. If you are interested in using accupressure to turn your breech baby and use during labor and delivery you can download this guide right now and have it in your hands in a couple of minutes. (From Jackie at Natural Pregnancy Project.com)

If any of you know a doctor in Central Illinois who has experience delivering breech babies, please email me. I only have one name so far and the mom isn't fond of the doctor's attitude. Yikes!

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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