Monday, June 15, 2009

Rear Facing until 4.. Huh?

Last month we talked about the American Academy of Pediatrics recommending rear facing until 2 years old. So this story didn't make much sense to me. It came down on the NBC wires. It says we should keep kids in a rear facing car seat until 4-years-old. Is that even possible? Where would their feet go? Do they make rear facing car seats for kids that big? Was this a typo on NBC's part? I am not sure. I saw it several times and all the stories said 4-years-old. I can't imagine doing that. But after all this new research on rear facing, I will wait to turn the new baby around as long as possible. He will be able to see his older brother in the back seat, so maybe he won't mind sitting backwards unitl he's 2!

FROM NBC: Most parents know the importance of young children traveling in car-safety seats.
But new research now says the direction a child faces in a safety seat could dramatically change the injury risk in a crash.

A new study published in the British Medical Journal advises keeping a child in a rear-facing position while traveling by car until the child is four years old.

The study says the movement of a child is dramatically reduced in a rear-facing safety seat because the head, neck and spine are more fully aligned.... and in the event of a crash, forces are distributed more

(Duncan Vernon/Road Safety Manager)
"The best advice currently is to use a child-restraint device designed for the child's weight and to make sure it's fitted correctly, and so it's not to say our children using front-facing seats are unsafe at the moment."

NBCs British broadcast partner, ITV, reports the rear-facing seats are hard to find, and some people say they're big, bulky and expensive.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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