Monday, June 15, 2009

Coffe is Good

I know a lot of moms who would struggle to get through the day without their morning coffee. Now they don't have to feel guilty about drinking it!

If you need a good cup of coffee to get going in the morning, you're
probably not alone. And now, new research says a good 'ole cup of joe could give you more than just a little get up and go. love your coffee? (sot: mos) "I love coffee, and I think it's good for the soul." (sot: mos) "It makes me feel good. That's what I go on." Besides the kick, lots of new research suggests coffee may also help kick back at certain diseases.

Studies show coffee lowers the risk for type 2 diabetes, helps protect against liver cancer and perhaps colon cancer, reduces the likelihood of Parkinson's Disease, and may reduce the risk of stroke.
(sot: mos) "Those are all positive things in my book. I may have to stop in for my second cup of the day." But before you drink up, wake up and smell the coffee, says Dr. Marcus Reidenberg, professor of pharmacology at the Weill Cornell Medical College. He says the studies make associations, not conclusions. (sot: Dr. Marcus Reidenberg, Weill Cornell Medical College) "Association studies can't prove cause because they are many other differences between people who drink a lot of coffee and people who don't."

While researchers say the benefits of that coffee outweigh most of the risks, there are some caveats you should know about. For example, the caffeine in coffee can raise the heart rate and affect the regularity of the beat.
Dr. Richard Brockman, endocrinologist at the hospital for special surgery says watch out for your bones. (sot: dr. richard bockman, endocrinologist) "If you drink more than four cups of black coffee a day, it can affect your skeleton, but if you use milk it probably won't." On the other hand, what was once considered an evil brew is now at least low-risk, if not healthy. (sot: mos) (q: "so after hearing about the health benefits of coffee, will you drink more coffee?" "If I choose to do so, I won't worry!"

I do love coffee, but I don't drink it that often. It always gives me heartburn. And right now it would probably give me contractions too. However, when I do splurge, I get an iced cafe mocha latte with skim milk. I can taste it right now. What's your favorite?s

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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