Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Snoring During Pregnancy

FROM NBC: Snoring during pregnancy could be linked to gestational diabetes.

A study of 189 healthy, pregnant women found those who snored more than 3 times a week had a 14-percent chance of developing gestational diabetes. Those who didn't snore had a 3.3-percent chance of developing the condition -- which is when women who don't have already have diabetes develop high blood sugar levels during pregnancy.

It goes away after the baby is born, though it leaves women at risk for Type II diabetes.

The link between snoring and gestational diabetes isn't clear. Researchers say poor air flow might lead to metabolic changes that would increase the risk for poor sugar tolerance.

FROM EZINE: Pregnancy takes a woman to scores of emotional and physical changes, which is primarily caused by hormonal changes – with estrogen being the dominant hormone during pregnancy. Increase in estrogen reportedly makes the neck muscles to relax and compounded with the accumulated fats around the neck area cause snoring.

Snoring during pregnancy usually occurs in the last four weeks of gestation (this accounts to 30% of pregnant women). This is normal and a preferred sleeping position like sleeping on the sides usually alters this. Most pregnant women feel more relaxed when sleeping on their sides to avoid the weight of their bellies especially during the third trimester.

I have not had gestational diabetes with any of pregnancies. Hopefully that continues. I haven't taken the test yet this time around. I think I will have to take it soon. I can't remember. All the months are getting squished together in my brain! I typically don't snore. My husband does. Since I have the worst insomnia during pregnancy, he tends to sleep in the other room so he doesn't wake me up even more often. So I would have no idea if I were snoring. No one could hear me! Hopefully not! I didn't realize gestational diabetes is a sign you will have Type II later in life. That is a bummer!

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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