Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Child Cured by Acupuncture?

This mom interviewed by ABC says her child was cured from allergies, asthma and sleep problems after starting her on acupuncture. I feel like I hear a lot about acupuncture in the news, but I don't know anyone who goes regularly. I asked my OB/GYN if he thinks acupuncture helps with stress. I am trying to reduce my stress to avoid any complications with this pregnancy. He says there is no scientific evidence linking acupuncture to a decrease in stress. Bummer! So since my doc says he doesn't recommend it and I don't know anyone who has said it helped them in their pregnancy, I guess I won't do it. But if you think otherwise, please let me know! I want to do everything I can (on a limited budget) to prevent the dreaded best rest!

FROM ABC: Acupuncture has been around in China for at least 4 thousand years. In THE U–S, it's still relatively new, but growing in popularity. According to the National Institutes of Health, more than 3 million adults visit the acupuncturist every year.. But, is it a good idea for kids?

Abc's David Wright takes a look at an ancient treatment being used To combat modern medical problems in children in tonight's medical minute.

Little Ashley looks like any other 14th month–old baby – active, happy,
healthy. But, until quite recently, she was fighting one infection after another...
struggling with aSthma and allergies.

"She's been on medication since she was two weeks old--5 different medications. I wasn't comfortable with all the medications; she's so young. I felt like there has to be another alternative. "

So, even though Ashley's mom has never had acupuncture herself, she brought her daughter for treatment. At the Whole Person Health Clinic in Stoughton, Massachusetts, licensed
acupuncturist Fae Kont Je–Gibbs now treats Ashley regularly... With a combination of natural oils, tiny needles and tuning forks.

"You want to pick" Baby Ashley picked a little needle We watched as she gently prodded and poked Ashley for half an hour.

David "You're not actually breaking the skin?"
Fae: "No, not with baby
Ashley's mom says the baby is finally sleeping through the night. She's
convinced these treatments have helped.

"You have to kind of believe in it and trust it and then wait for the concrete, like— outcome.

Doctors recently used high–tech magnetic resonance imaging to study the brain's response during acupuncture. They found that acupuncture helps relieve the body of pain because the brain basically switches that portion of itself off.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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