Monday, April 13, 2009

12 year olds and Sex

FROM CNN: A disturbing new study on young teens and sex. Researchers surveyed more than 12 hundred teens on their sexual activity ... asking whether they engaged in any type of intercourse.

By age 12, more than 12 percent of students had engaged in vaginal sex, nearly eight percent had oral sex and seven percent had anal sex. One–third did not use a condom and one–fourth had four or more partners. Experts say it's important schools and parents start talking about sex and risky behavior at the middle school level.

Either I am really old and out of the loop or things have gotten a lot worse since I was in school! Isn't 12 years-old 6th grade? Come on! That is ridiculous!

At what age did you or do you plan on talking to your kids about sex? From this study, it sounds like we should before fifth grade. What do you think?

-NewsAnchorMom Jen
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