Thursday, February 21, 2008

Police say Starvation Killed Baby

The death of Peoria baby Benjamin Sargent is making national news. I have talked to three people today who started crying while I explained what police are saying happened. The idea of this happening to a child is horrific.

Here's the story:

Disturbing new information came out in court this afternoon about the infant who was found dead in Peoria last Tuesday. 21-year old Tracey Hermann and 23-year old James Sargent were denied bond today. They both face first-degree murder charges for the death of their son, Benjamin Sargent.

Prosecutors say for eight days 5 month old Benjamin was left in the same clothes, and had not been moved from his car seat that was placed in a crib.

He died of sepsis and starvation.

Police say Hermann left Benjamin with his father when she went out of state to meet a man she met on the internet. Police say James Sargent has a criminal record and did not take care of his son. He called police when he discovered the baby stopped breathing.

Public defenders were assigned for both Hermann and Sargent. Prosecutors say they have a two-year old daughter who is living with Hermann's brother and his wife. State's Attorney Kevin Lyons says he plans to file a case to make sure Hermann no longer has custody of that child.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen


Maria said...

Wow. It breaks my heart to think of that baby just sitting there...crying...and not having anyone come to pick him up. I can not even imagine... poor soul.

steven edward streight said...

New child safety site Safe Kids Athens. Discovered it on Twitter. Needs a Contact Form, comments for articles, and links to relevant sites, but is a good start.

Jennifer said...

Yes, this is really a horrific story. As a mother, it's unimaginable.
I was actually thinking of you, Jen, when I heard this story. Okay, that sounds bad. What I mean, is I thought about how hard it must be for reporters to report on such an atrocity without getting overly emotional.

Child Safety Mom said...

How very sad is this.

Anonymous said...

Once again, I feel that the parents of individual children should be drug tested after the birth of the child, and a home visit should be required so that this may prevent this from happening again. To think of all the families out there who yearn for a child; when you adopt you have to jump through hoops, so why not do it before you actually give birth to your biological child? Just something to think about.

adelaidesmom said...

How sad this baby suffered. I am sick and feel tears well up in myself as I have a baby the same age and could not imagine a baby being left in a carseat and not cared for. I hope this guy gets to be tortured for his actions. What an animal. And what's wrong with the mother leaving the baby alone to go meet some guy. I wonder if she has any saddness from it all? I am just really disturbed and I wish I could bring this baby is just too overwhelmingly sad. I cry just thinking about the baby boy Benjamin. I am so angry.

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