Thursday, February 21, 2008

Salt, Soda and Obesity

I keep finding stories on sodium this week and I feel like I should pass along the information. Here's the latest:

Researchers say there is a connection between too much sodium and obesity, especially in kids. I know sodium makes me look and feel swollen, but I never thought it made me gain weight. The study was done in Britain and published this week in an American Heart Association Journal.

Basically, the research showed kids who eat meals and snacks with a lot of salt don't tend to drink water to quench their thirst. They tend to drink soda and a lot of it. One of the co-authors of the study says salt is a hidden culprit in the obesity epidemic.

Researchers suggest by limited salt intake, kids will drink fewer sodas and, therefore, gain less weight. Of course, there are other benefits to limiting salt like lowering blood pressure and keeping hearts healthy.

The researchers would like manufacturers to gradually start lowering the amount of salt in foods. As one reader stated earlier this week, " Eventually foods that you liked the flavor of before will start to taste salty."

Between this story and the Campbell's soup story that came out earlier this week, I think someone is trying to tell me I eat too much salt!

-NewsAnchorMom Jen


Maria said...

Honestly, it all fits together. Those who make healthy choices for themselves and their kids tend to be healthier. Those who consume junk food for snacks, tend to consume more junk food overall, which leads to poor eating habits and other problems. said...

My kids do love fresh fruit. I dread Wednesdays because I know we're about out of fruit. Then the pre-packaged food starts to end up on the table. I have even thought about buying fresh-frozen fruit for the end of the week. I just can't seem to get to the store more than once a week to replenish.

Maria said...

I don't make it more than once a week... or 10 days. I usually buy a variety-- some fruits that last longer like oranges and grapefruit and some that don't like berries and pears. Then I use those that are most ripe first, but I can dictate what my 14 month old eats more easily than you can a slightly older child. said...

I don't think he'll eat grapefruit, but I could try more oranges. He does like those. They just take so long to peel. I know that sounds silly. Grapes, strawberries and blueberries are my favorite because they're easy!

Maria said...

We also use dried fruits when the other fruits run out-- things like Organic Just Fruit Munchies (they also have Just Raspberries, Just Cherries, Just Apples, etc), Unsweetened raisins, craisins, etc. You might be surprised on the grapefruit, btw. Peel it like an orange and then peel the skin off the slice. Then again, I remember feeding my son grapefruit before oranges, so that might be why he likes them so much. Apples tend to keep longer too. said...

I will definitely try the Just Fruit Munchies. I tend to avoid the dried fruit because of added sugar, but it sounds like those don't have that problem. Thanks!

Maria said...

Just Fruit is seriously tasty. I "accidentally" ate 1.5 pounds of fresh peaches the other day as I polished off a tub. YIKES!

Also, if you check the packages, certain dried fruits do not have added sugar. Whole Foods has raisins and other dried fruits in bulk that are unsweetened or "sweetened" with apple juice concentrate, and I just bought some raisins as Valentine's that did not have sugar added.

I'm about to start drying my own fruits though. It's cheaper! :)

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