Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Teens getting Plastic Surgery

I am going to sound really contradictory on this story, but I think a lot of you will agree. I do not think it's appropriate for young kids to have plastic surgery for bigger boobs or liposuction. It rubs me the wrong way. Having surgery to pin a child's ears back? That one doesn't really bother me. Granted, I don't know the risks, etc. But for some reason, that doesn't seem like such a drastic move. I do think the teenager should do it for themselves and not because kids are teasing them. However, I think the little girls in this story are super cute and don't really need to do anything to their ears.

FROM NBC: Some teens and their parents are dealing with bullying by turning to plastic surgery. For some, they're opting for surgery: a nose job, liposuction, or breast augmentation as a way to blend in.
Lady Gaga SOT: "They said I had a big nose, and I had buck teeth... I had my teeth fixed. and I got thrown into the trash can." On Monday lady gaga told the hosts of "The View" that growing up, she was bullied because of her appearance... Rachel Glee NAT: "Are you suggesting I should get a nose job?" On a recent episode of the T.V. show "Glee," a teen considered plastic surgery to fit in. in real-life, 13 year old Aubrey Woodward is considering plastic surgery as a way to avoid bullying at school. Aubrey SOT: "I'm really self conscious about a lot things like what I wear, how my hair looks and then when you add my ear, something that I have no control over, it makes me feel really bad. She says her protruding ear has made her a target at school. "Aubrey SOT: "This tip right here, instead of going back a little, it sticks out..." With their parents blessing, Aubrey and her 11 year old sister Brooke recently met with plastic surgeon Robert Anderson to discuss getting their ears pinned back. DOCTOR SOT: "I think parents are recognizing the emotional and psychological trauma that the children have and they're being more proactive about it." For teens, ear surgeries are the most common cosmetic surgeries followed by nose reshaping, and breast reductions. London Woodward, the girls' mother, had work done on her right ear when she was twenty. she supports her girls' decision to consider plastic surgery now. London Woodward SOT: "We by no means pushed her in any direction,// she know she can't wait. She doesn't have to do it. It's all her decision." Robi Ludwig SOT: "A child might intuitively feel that if they fix something it might help them to fit in better. Is it a guarantee? of course not. ...but how young, is too young? According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, ear surgeries are recommended for some kids as young as five or six: "Correction of the ears prior to the child entering school helps eliminate potential psychological trauma from the teasing of classmates."

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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