Monday, May 23, 2011

Refusing Obese Pregnant Women

If it's a private OB/GYN I don't see why this is discrimination. I think they have the right to treat who they want to treat. It is a business. If it were me, I would rather see a specialist if I was at higher risk(which I was for other reasons.) I would love to know what you think of this!

FROM NBC: It's been reported that some obese women are facing a type of discrimination in the healthcare world. Pregnant women are being denied treatment by obstetricians because of higher health risks and malpractice concerns.

For years, Desiree Contin struggled with her weight. But now, at 25 she's finally embracing her full figured body, and her expanding waist line at nearly 5 months pregnant.

Desiree Contin/Expectant Mother: "I'd rather just be healthy at whatever size I am than starve." But a recent article has her outraged and sounding off on her blog. Desiree Contin: "I weighed about 280 when I conceived. i'm having absolutely no complications."

It's being reported that some OB-GYN physicians will not treat overweight pregnant women- instead choosing to send them to specialists. It's a practice that has Desiree fired up.

"It's basically discrimination."

Dr. Bruce Zafran/OB/GYN:
"I think its very difficult to make a blanket statement on any patient based on a specific number." Dr. Bruce Zafran has practiced obstetrics and gynecology for 25 years.

He's never turned down a patient due to weight, but can understand the difficulties some obstetricians may have when it comes to delivery. Dr. Bruce Zafran: "The liability, the local environment and demand for perfection makes the specialty very very challenging."

Studies have shown obese patients are at higher risk for elevated blood pressure, pre eclampsia, gestational diabetes, and the list goes on. At 288 pounds, Desiree was encouraged to see an endocrinologist where she recently received a clean bill of health.

Desiree Contin:
"Lets send you to a specialist that's one thing, but that could happen whether your 100 pounds or 300 pounds."

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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