Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Smoke hurts kids hearts too

Second hand smoke not only hurts a child's lungs, it impacts his or her heart as well. If you have a family member who smokes around your kids, this may be a good article to send them. This is not something to ignore. It's an easy fix. Don't smoke in front of your kids and don't let others smoke in front of your kids.

FROM ABC: If you are a smoker with children at home, tonight's medical minute has a timely warning. There is more evidence of the harm you could be doing them with second-hand smoke.

Doctors think that high blood pressure-- known as hypertension-- is established early in life.
A new study-- published in the journal "Circulation"-- now finds that second-hand tobacco smoke raises blood pressure in children as young as five or six.

The authors screened more than 42-hundred children in Germany. They found elevated blood pressure in those whose parents smoked.
The increase was independent of other risk factors such as overweight, low birth weight, or high blood pressure in the parents.

Interestingly, the findings cite smoking by mothers-- but not by fathers. This may be because mothers are more likely to smoke mostly at home-- while fathers tend to do most of their smoking during working hours.
The study concludes that a smoke-free environment at home and in public places is important for heart health not just in adults, but also in children.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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