Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Blood Test for Down Syndrome

I guess this is good, but I would more concerned about false-positive results. What if someone aborted a baby based on this test and the baby did not have Down Syndrome. I know two people who were told their children had Down Syndrome and they did not. I did not test for Down Syndrome with my last child. If it had been true, I wasn't ready to deal with it in the first trimester. Do you typically take the Down Syndrome test when you are pregnant? Why or why not?

FROM NBC: An experimental blood test could help screen for down syndrome -- without invasive and risky procedures. Doctors currently assess the risk for down syndrome and other genetic problems in a fetus with amniocentesis and chronic villus sampling, or CVS.

Only high-risk women undergo such procedures because they carry a slight risk for miscarriage.
The new blood test studied at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in China analyzes genetic material from both the mom and baby that's found in the mother's blood.

Doctors say the test did not give any false-negative results. Much more study is needed before it's available for clinical use.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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