Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kids need self control

I think this study makes perfect sense, but it's a little annoying. So if you have a child who has a hard time focusing, what are you supposed to do? I guess this is incentive not to ignore it or think the behavior will go away. What are your thoughts?

FROM NBC: Instilling self-control in your children will help them be happier, more successful adults, according to a new study. The 32-year study followed one-thousand children in New Zealand since birth and measured their ability to handle frustration, stick to a task, wait their turn, and think before acting.

Those with the lowest self-control scores were significantly more likely to have chronic health problems, be addicted to alcohol or drugs, have difficulty managing money, or have a criminal record.

The data showed differences in self-control began to emerge as young as three, and very few children were able to break the pattern and improve their impulsivity over time.
Researchers say your child may have self control issues if they have difficulty focusing and following simple directions, an inability to complete tasks, and if they're often disruptive in the classroom.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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