Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sledding Danger

I think this advice is good for any parent-not just for those who let their kids go sledding. We have had stitches twice at our house in the last two months. I have learned a lot about stitches, but not much about head injuries. I feel like our family is so susceptible to injuries with three wild boys at home. Sometimes it is such a mad house.

FROM NBC: Sledding is as much a part of winter as snowfalls and mittens...but sledding fun can turn deadly in the blink of an eye. lots of snow means time to hit the hills and make some memories on backyard sleds.

Six-year-old Isaac Vorheis was certainly game. The first grader with a fun sense of humor convinced his parents to let him sled down a small hill, but Isaac hit a bump no one saw coming.

Tami Vorhies/ Mother: "And he went into a pole that was on the other side of the hill, and he lost consciousness for about four seconds maybe. Scariest thing that's ever happened. Scariest moment of my life."
Sled crashes for kids are par for the course, but with a head injury, mom Tami trusted her instincts. Tami Vorhies,Mother: "My son was acting like himself when he came to. Next thing I know, he has a brain bleed which if untreated is fatal."

The scar tells the story. Doctors rushed Isaac to surgery to fix an epideral bleed. Again, Isaac was acting fairly normal and many parents may have instead just taken their child home for the night.
Lisa Pardi, R.N., Injury Prevention Coordinator: "

Sometimes going down those hills can be pretty scary and pretty fast." Injury prevention coordinator Lisa Pardi says Isaac's near death sledding accident is a reminder about the need for helmets when it comes to sledding, skiing, and snowboarding because even though the white snow is pretty and inviting it's more dangerous than many realize.

Lisa Pardi, R.N., Injury Prevention Coordinator: "We've had children who have been impaled by objects from things buried in the snow when they are tossed from their sled, and obviously head injuries is one of the big ones. We usually caution families not to allow their children to go down the hills head first."
After surgery, Isaac asked for a mohawk so he could look like a punk rocker...shows that his fun side is still active.

But Tami hopes other parents will always seek medical attention with head injuries...because her family nearly lost it all. Tami Vorhies, Mother: "God was watching out for my son and people were praying and that's why he's here."

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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