Monday, December 13, 2010

QwickShower Wipes

I was sent a media packet a couple months ago with these new wipes that are designed for people to use when they don't have time to shower. I have three boys, so I imagine that is why I was targeted with this campaign. I have a lot of smelly years ahead! QwickShower Wipes were first marketed for kids to use after gym class at school. I remember hating gym class because there is no way you have time to take a shower and fix your hair after it's over. It's disgusting. I used to try and get gym as my last class.

I like the idea of QwickShower Wipes. I think it would be nice to send them with my husband or son in their bags (just in case.) However, I am probably more likely to pick up something I see at Wal-mart as opposed to ordering them on-line. I am just not that organized. However, they do smell good and work well. I am kind of cheap skate, but I think they are pricey because they aren't replacing something we already buy. They are a new expense.

Why use these instead of diaper wipes?

"I should also point out that this product is definitely a far better option than baby wipes. For starters, they are larger to accommodate a teen/adult body, they are far more durable/cloth-like, and are individually wrapped to retain moisture and facilitate portability. They also start at just 49 cents each with free shipping!"

--Convenient. Each wipe is individually wrapped for portability and to ensure it never dries out. Kids can slip it into a backpack or purse and go!

--Effective. With a large 10” x 12” dimension and a resilient cloth-like material, QwikShower Wipes are big and study enough to clean the entire body - also leaving a slight fresh scent behind that’s been tested and well-received by teenagers and their parents.

--Green. Environmentally friendly, QwikShower Wipes are non-aerosol and emit zero fluorocarbon emissions unlike popular body sprays. This also ensures the scent won’t invade the personal space of others or overwhelm a locker room.

--Economical. With an affordable price point starting at just 49 cents each coupled with the company’s free shipping policy, QwikShower Wipes have made it easier and more affordable than ever to keep kids clean and body odor-free.

--Versatile. QwikShower Wipes are not just for gym class! They’re great for use after sports practices and games, a day at the beach, or an impromptu restaurant outing with the family. Also a stellar solution for adults, the wipes are perfectly suited for boaters, campers and fitness enthusiasts. They are also a must for emergency preparedness kits in the event of water outages.

--Fundraising. When partnered with a sponsoring organization, QwikShower Wipes will support local communities throughout the U.S. by contributing 10% of sales to a PTA, booster club or non-profit organization of the buyer’s choice.

“In many school districts, children don’t get as much as a dry towel to wipe away their sweat after gym class,” Metro continues. “This prompts the kids to pull paper towels from the dispensers in a futile attempt to clean themselves, driving up the school’s supply costs and wasting a large amount of paper. Trying to freshen a sweaty body with a dry paper towel just doesn’t work. This and other problematic situations underscore the need and value of QwikShower Wipes.”

About My Kids Stink, LLC

Based in Olney, MD, My Kids Stink, LLC was founded by Harvey Metro, a father of three active boys who loathed smelling the half-dozen stinky and sweaty teens who crammed in his car after school, practices and games. This ongoing problem prompted Harvey to create QwikShower Wipes – an affordable, environmentally friendly portable shower alternative suitable for kids and adults, alike. For more information about QwikShower Wipes visit

Overall, I like the product, but I don't think I would go on-line to purchase it. If they show up at Wal-Mart, I might pick up a box. As my kids get older and sweatier, I may change my mind. If you have tried QwickShower Wipes, please let us know your thoughts. I did hand them out to a couple moms to get their thoughts. I am still waiting to hear. I think everyone is super busy right now with Christmas less than two weeks away. I can hardly believe it!

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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