Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mercury in Dental Fillings

I don't have any mercury dental fillings anymore. They have all been replaced. In a way, that's a bad thing because I keep needing new fillings. However, I am glad to get rid of the mercury ones. I would rather my kids not have mercury in their mouths. So I will opt for another type of filling for them. There is certainly no need for them to be walking around with a metal in their mouth that can cause brain problems. They may be completely harmless, but it just seems like common sense to avoid it if you can.

FROM NBC: The Food and Drug Administration is asking a panel of experts to take a closer look at potential risks linked to mercury fillings. The agency declared last year that the fillings, known as dental amalgam, did not pose a health risk. However, groups have questioned the methods the agency used to come to that decision.

The panel will review the data on mercury used to fill cavities -- including how much patients are exposed to and how much is acceptable. Some are concerned vapors released from the mercury fillings increase the risk for brain and kidney damage. Millions of Americans have fillings that contain mercury. Most amalgams are fifty percent mercury, the rest is made up of silver and other metals. The panel will meet next Tuesday and Wednesday.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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