Thursday, December 23, 2010

Anti-aging Pill

This really doesn't have a whole lot to do with having kids, except they make you get older faster! I think it's pretty interesting!
(This picture is from CBS)

FROM NBC:Will there ever be a fountain of youth? Some scientists are saying it may already exist in a pill you can buy online.
But is there any proof that it works?

What if you could turn back the clock on aging. the fountain of youth stuff of fables, but now some scientists say they have a pill that may do just that. It's a supplement called TA 65.

It's made from a Chinese plant and some researchers say that it may prevent the ends of our chromosomes, called Telomeres, from being damaged as we age, preventing that damage may prevent some illnesses and slow down or even reverse aging.

Dr. Edward Park/ Recharge Biomedical: "So what TA-65 does is to give that machine that telomerase engine better gas. It's like 91 octane gas. So it helps your normal 24/7 healing to be more efficient."
Some patients who have taken TA-65 say it has changed the way they feel. Kim, took TA-65: "When I started on this, I felt immediately better. I slept better. I had my endurance level much stronger."

Anita Gross, took TA-65: "When I went to the gym I could run longer."
So is it too good to be true? The jury is still out. There have been no studies on longevity or illness prevention yet, and while there have been anecdotal reports of dramatic success, experts are still awaiting larger scale controlled studies. A recent smaller study was inconclusive.

Dr. Edward Park, Recharge Biomedical:
"They showed some improvement in the things like skin thickness and immune system, but it didn't reach statistical significance." And with the bottles going for $600 each, it can be an expensive gamble. One that some patients are willing to take.

Kim, took TA-65: "The truth is in how you feel and I feel great."
Although a study in the Journal Rejuvenation science showed it did seem to boost the immune systems in our bodies, we need to look much closer; and over a longer period of time to see if that actually results in increased longevity and whether or not it causes side effects.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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