Thursday, November 18, 2010

Which Toys to Avoid

Each year during this time, the Consumer Product Safety Commission takes a close look at toys that your kids may want for Christmas. They issue some warnings so you don't end up buying dangerous toys for your kids.

I always stay away from magnets because of the huge danger they pose when ingested.

FROM NBC: If you've got a child on your holiday shopping list-listen up. Crowded malls and sold out stores aren't the only thing you have to worry about. Toys can sometimes turn dangerous, even deadly. so the consumer safety product commission wants you to be extra careful this year.

Overall toy recalls were down this year.... but there are still more than a hundred thousand toy related injuries every year- many of those toys- given to kids during the holiday season.
It's that time of year when kids make their lists . While parents find themselves overwhelmed with the options and it's not all fun and games. While toy related deaths were down last year, injuries were up- an estimated 186 thousand emergency-room treated injuries- blamed on toys.

So the CPSC has a list for parents.
Inez Tennenbaum/chairman CPSC: "First of all select toys age appropriate for your child." That means no small parts for small children. "If child swallows a magnet even one or 2 -- it can cause obstruction" More than half of the toy related deaths in 2009 were riding toys. "Don't buy a bicycle and leave helmet in store buy a helmet so is head safe." And the final rule- location, location, location.

Make sure kids are playing with their holiday haul somewhere safe.
"If you're on a riding toy you can ride right into pool ride right into pond drown very easily." The CPSC says new safeguards and tests mean dangerous and lead laced toys are getting to the U.S. less and less.. and they're working to recall products - like this pogo stick sold at Sports Authority, recalled today.

"The rivets were coming undone and it caused a laceration hazard."
Hazards, that can come in pretty packages... prompting a reminder to parents that smart shopping and supervision can help keep kids safe. Next March the CPSC plans to launch a searchable database that anyone can access to leave or read comments on a toy. For more information you can visit

Here are some toy recalls:

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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