Friday, November 19, 2010

Exercise Balls in Class

We have one of these and I am wondering if I should start making the kids sit on them during dinner. Maybe they would actually last more than a minute before I have to tell them to sit back down!

FROM NBC: A Pennsylvania elementary school teacher made some major changes in her classroom. To start, she got rid of almost all of the desk chairs. but it's what she replaced them with that is really making a difference.
Barb Hornberger's fourth grade class is working on long division.

It is tough subject matter, but these guys are having a ball.
Last school year, Mrs. Hornberger got rid of the chairs in her classroom. The replacement? stability balls. John Bowman, Fourth Grader: "They're fun to bounce on and I like that they get me focused." With the balls, students have to sit up straight and be attentive. And when the wiggles hit. "I just bounce on the ball and that gets it all out."

Barb Hornberger, Fourth Grade Teacher: "If they feel like wiggling they can wiggle, (on-cam) they can go side to side, up and down, around and circles...they can." Hornerberger has seen huge improvements in student achievement. "I have been doing better with my work, especially reading. The balls come with strict high bounces and no bothering your neighbor."If student breaks the rules, the consequences are pretty severe. mrs. hornberger takes the ball and deflates it." "Once they get them, they don't want to lose them, they love them."

It's also a lot of fun. Hornberger pumps up the music. Using the balls to help strengthen core muscles and increase blood flow. Soon every fourth grader in the building will have one. "Cuz everyone deserves to get smarter, and learn better, more clearly." "You know happy kids learn. so if this helps, yeah, i'm pretty tickled about it."

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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