Thursday, November 11, 2010

Infant Formula and Diabetes

If your unborn baby is at risk of developing Type 1 diabetes, breastfeeding has been shown to decrease the chances of developing it. For moms who don't breastfeed for whatever reason, there may be an infant formula that may also decrease the onset of diabetes in kids.

FROM NBC: Using a special infant formula may lower the risk for type one diabetes among babies at high risk for the disease. Researchers in Finland studied 230 infants who had a parent or sibling diagnosed with type one diabetes.

Half were given standard formula when breastfeeding was no longer available, the other half were given hydrolyzed formula -- meaning the proteins were already broken down and were easier to digest. They found the babies given the special formula had half the risk of developing diabetes-causing antibodies, when compared to babies given the regular version.

Outside experts say much more research needs to be done -- and there is no definitive evidence using standard cow's milk formula leads to an increased risk for diabetes. The researchers say hydrolyzed formula might contribute to changes in the stomach that prevent diabetes antibodies from being formed.
Hydrolyzed formulas are available in stores, they are more expensive than standard formulas.


  • Breastfed Milk also builds up resistance in the child and the latter may not develop Diabetes
  • The longer the women breastfed the greater the protection for both the mother and child from Diabetes
  • As back as 1996, a Chilean study, on Diabetes Type 1 also claimed that breastfeeding for three months would reduce the risk of Diabetes
  • Gimeno and de Souza in 1997 in Diabetes Care, Vol 20, No. 8 held the view that even a shorter span of 7 days of breastfeeding did act as a protective shield as compared to cow’s milk
  • Research conducted on children in Sweden and Lithunia, within the age-group of 0-15 years, as quoted by Unicef, also states that breastfeeding acted as a protective shield to young babies and children from risking the onset of Diabetes

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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