Friday, December 3, 2010

Holiday Giveaway Winners!

Please contact me if you haven't made arrangements to pick-up your winnings! Thank you!
newsanchormom (at) gmail (dot) com
Friday: 11-19-10

The Greenhouse Flower Shoppe:Linda Cooper, Washington

Bremer Jewelry: Sherry Ropp, Tremont

Frantz & Co.: Jennifer Klaus, Atlanta

Firehouse Pizza: Sybil Grimes, Washington

RiverPlex: Angela Huffman, Kewanee

Thursday 11-18-10

3 month membership to the RiverPlex: Alexis Barnes, Bloomington

The Greenhouse Flower Shoppe: Lisa Friend, East Peoria

Bremer Jewelry: Lisa Richmond, Pekin

Frantz & Co. Pest Control: Jamie Wibben, Atlanta

Firehouse Pizza: Lois Engstrom, Alpha

Skin Dimensions Day Spa: Patti Vance, Tremont

Wednesday 11-17-10

3 Month Membership to RiverPlex: Deborah Fischer, Manito

Bremer Jewelry: Bev Holford

Firehouse Pizza: Carla Allen, Metamora

Frantz & Co: Vivian Moon, Edelstein

The Greenhouse Flower Shoppe: Amy Crusen, Hanna City

Skin Dimensions Day Spa: Lisa Fay, East Peoria

Tuesday 11-16-10

Soderstrom Skin Institute: Yvonne Tucker, Chillicothe

3 Month RiverPlex Membership:Kathy Walters, Bartonville

Firehouse Pizza: Jennifer Quine, Bartonville

Bremer Jewelry: Lisa Jennings, Pontiac

The Greenhouse Flower Shoppe: Catherine McClarey, Dwight

Frantz & Co: Angie Aeschliman, Dunlap

Monday 11-15-10

Soderstrom Skin Institute: Kay Wilson, Normal

3 Month RiverPlex Membership: Dena Day, Washington

Firehouse Pizza: Heidi Abbott, North Pekin

Bremer Jewelry: Kristin Tuley, Pontiac

The Greenhouse Flower Shoppe: Pearl Mabry

Frantz $ Company Pest Control: Judi Landino, Washington

We will announce more winners tomorrow at 10p.m.!

If you won tonight, you can pick up for gift certificate at:
2907 Springfield Road
East Peoria, IL 61610

Don't forget to thank the sponsors!!


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