Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Her baby was not dead

Please tell me this is extremely uncommon! It makes me sick to my stomach. A British woman was told her baby no longer had a heartbeat and would need to be aborted. She insisted the baby was still alive. She was only a few weeks pregnant, but she says she just knew. Another sonogram was taken days later and the baby's heartbeat was just fine. The hospital says it is a teaching hospital so the original test may have been wrong. Can you believe that? That is truly shocking to me. I hope doctors routinely do sonograms before DNCs for women with miscarriages. I just can't imagine being told my baby was dead and then discovering it was a mistake. Crazy!

FROM NBC: A British woman who was told by doctors that her unborn baby was dead, says "mother's intuition" convinced her they were wrong. Sofia Taylor was offered a termination after medics couldn't find her baby's heartbeat at a check-up. But Sonia demanded a second ultrasound or scan. "I wanted to believe it. I saw the heart beat, you know, it was there, but after being told the baby had died I was thinking, 'how's it come back alive again?'" Nine days after being told her unborn baby was dead and should be aborted a second scan brought amazing news, an unthinkable transformation from what she was first told.

"They said that basically that they're really sorry but the baby had died and the pregnancy couldn't go ahead. They showed us a screen on the t-v with a yolk and a little baby with no heartbeat." She was offered an immediate termination, but insisted on a second scan. Sofia said, "He then told me the best thing to do was to take the tablets. i was crying and asked him if could have another scan. I don't know why, I just felt the baby was still there." This mother's instincts saved her unborn baby's life as she discovered nine days later.

"When he said all this I was thinking, 'you're joking, there can't be heartbeat' and he said, 'yeah, there's a heartbeat there.' And he just showed us a screen and and this baby's going from one side to another side. It was really nice, but also what went wrong then? Why did you tell me the baby had died?"
Duncan Selbie/Sussex Univ. Hospital "It shouldn't have happened.

We are a teaching hospital so we're training and teaching students of all sorts all the time and in this instance, we got the supervision wrong."
Sophia's joy is tempered with apprehension given what she's gone through. "I think now it's going to be a quite hard pregnancy because everyday I'm still a little bit, 'I wonder if everything's okay? I wonder if it's, I wonder if the baby's still growing?"

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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