Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Drinking Alcohol while pregnant not so bad?

FROM NBC: A British study shows children born to women who drank lightly during pregnancy appear to suffer no behavioral problems. Researchers say women who indulged in one or two alcoholic beverages a week had children with no more social or emotional difficulties than those who abstained from drinking during their pregnancy.

A drink was defined as a very small glass of wine, eight ounces of beer or an ounce of liquor. But researchers stress they are not recommending that expectant moms drink. Because it's not clear what amount of alcohol is safe -- pregnant women are strongly advised not to drink at all.


Women who drink alcohol occasionally during pregnancy do not harm their unborn babies – in fact their children may even benefit, a large study suggests. Research involving more than 12,000 children showed that mothers who drank lightly during pregnancy – defined as one to two units, or a single drink a week – did not increase the risk of having babies with mental impairment or behavioural problems.

Rather, children born to light drinkers were found to be less likely to have problems and performed better in some tests compared with offspring of mothers who did not drink at all.
The findings run counter to government guidance, which advises pregnant women and those trying to conceive to cut out alcohol altogether. The latest study is the most comprehensive examination so far of the effects of light drinking by expectant mothers.

However, doctors reiterated warnings last night of the risks of heavy drinking during pregnancy, and expressed concern that women should not be “lulled into a false sense of security”.
Researchers at University College London examined data on the behaviour and mental skills of 12,495 three-year-olds.

I still think there is no reason to drink while pregnant so why do it? What do you think?

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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