Monday, September 27, 2010

Belly Armor to protect your baby?

It's a blanket or a shirt you would wear when you are pregnant to prevent your unborn baby from radiation. My question is: Are you expected to wear this blanket on your stomach all day if you work in front of a computer? Or wear the same t-shirt to work each day? It just doesn't seem appropriate if you are working. I am not against limiting radiation. I think that's a good idea. I am just trying to figure out who would really use this device. Some of the comments I have seen on this device say there is proof daily radiation exposure can cause a multitude of problems. I am yet to find this proof. If it is out there, please share!

FROM NBC: Protect your unborn baby from harmful radiation. that's the claim made by makers of "Belly Armor." The products promise to block the radiation that comes from wireless gadgets and wifi networks. but does it work? Erica Wright is expecting her first baby. "kinda excited!" But the mom to be is also juggling a job, school, and life in the bay area where all things digital tend to be everywhere.
Erica Wright/expectant mother "I always want to be connected to everything and everyone so I always have a phone on me.

I usually have my laptop with me when I'm always on my laptop and my phone and switching off between the two of them."
Her mom bought her the belly armor. Erica Wright/expectant mother "My mom's, she's a nurse. She bought it for me." Erica received one of her first maternity gifts, a belly armor blanket. The product promises to protect moms and their unborn babies from 99% of non ionizing radiation. that's the everyday radiation that comes from all electronic devices including cell phones, computers, TVs, and wifi networks.

Belly Armor claims the rates of birth defects, cancer, and autism have risen over the past decade along with the increase in exposure to everyday radiation.
Ken Vuong, nest maternity "There is no such thing out there right now for radiation." Nest Maternity owner Ken Vuong says pre-orders came in before the product even arrived in the store. "These retail for 59 up to 119." Available as a t-shirt or a blanket, the product is lined with silver fibers that are supposed to neutralize electromagnetic waves. the makers say you can see it working. just wrap a cell phone in the blanket and watch the signal disappear.

Ken Vuong, Nest Maternity "Personally I think it's a good idea. I wish it was around three years ago when we had our first kid." "It makes sense, low levels of radiation are everywhere thanks to the wifi networks and devices we use everyday. but if you're pregnant and worried about radiation, is this blanket really your belly's new bff." Dr. Imtiaz Qureshi, radiologist "in my opinion, it's not necessary." We showed radiologist Imtiaz Qureshi the Belly Armor blanket. "It appears to work, yeah it does." But the doctor says no studies have shown that everyday radiation is harmful to a mother or a fetus.

That's also the position of the FCC, FDA, and World Health Organization. Dr. Imtiaz Qureshi, radiologist "These product lines and companies are preying on consumers' fears. exercising and stress reduction and sleeping and being comfortable will go much farther in promoting th health of your fetus."
Mom to be Erica says she'll do that too, but wrapping herself up in one of these gives her extra peace of mind, in case years from now, the data suggests something else about everyday radiation. Erica Wright/expectant mother "If you want to take precautions it's out there."

Here's what some other moms had to say.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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