Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Crackberry "Dings"

I got a free upgrade to a Blackberry Curve a few weeks ago. I can see why people call it a crackberry! It's hard not to check your email when it "dings" every time you get a new one. I think I am more tense now than ever. I hear it "ding" from across the room and I start wondering who it is. It is usually junk mail, but still, I have to look at it. It's addicting and I don't like it. I think I should turn the email "ding" off. I wonder if I can do that. Hmmm.. I did read an email in the car today, but I usually don't. I put the phone in the back seat so I am not tempted. There are certainly times when it is good to be informed. I do like to get back to people as soon as possible. Do you get email "dings" on your phone? Do you like it?

FROM NBC: You see it all the time on the roads, drivers checking email when they should have their eyes on the highway! And a new study shows that distracted driving is indeed a huge problem -- but not only with teenagers, as you may think. A survey of almost 600 mothers finds nearly half admit to reading or responding to a text message while driving -- with their kids in the car! Experts say this is dangerous not only because of the increased risk for accidents, but it also exposes kids to a bad habit.


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