Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cleaning and Cancer

Don't feel bad if you don't keep your house as clean as you would like. Those cleaning chemicals are not good for your health. I try and use the natural products, but some of the "chemical-free" items I have don't work worth a darn. I do put a little bleach in the water when I clean the floors.
Fortunately, I don't have time to clean as often as I should. The next time I am feeling aggravated about that, I will be sure and remind myself of this story! How often do you clean your house?

FROM NBC:A study of 15 hundred women -- half of whom had breast cancer -- found those who used the most cleaning products had double the risk for developing the disease. Air fresheners and mold removers were linked to the increased risk, but pesticides and insect repellents were not.

Experts say there are flaws with the study -- and more research is needed. Experts say recall bias may skew the results, meaning researchers were dependent on a woman's ability to remember her cleaning product use. Also, if a woman had been diagnosed with breast cancer, she may be more likely to report using cleaning products.

Here's more on the study from WEDMD

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