Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Teen Girls and Drugs

Teenage boys are known to party, but teenage girls may be more likely to abuse drugs on a regular basis. It's a form of self-medication. This, according to a new study by the Partnership for a Drug Free America. I am not that surprised by this. I think it's easy for women to have a chemical imbalance and naturally want to fix that. Self medication is not the best option, but may be the only choice for these girls. I just think high school is difficult for anyone. It's certainly not an excuse to use drugs.


FROM NBC: Teen girls may be lured into drugs and alcohol more so than boys. A new study from the Partnership for a Drug-Free America finds girls are more likely than boys to self-medicate with drugs. More than two-thirds of surveyed teen girls said they thought using drugs might help kids deal with problems at home.

That's up from 61-percent of respondents in 2008.
But according to researchers, home is where kids should be learning about staying drug-free. kids whose parents talked to them about the dangers of drugs were half as likely to use them. More than half of the girls also thought drugs might help them forget their troubles.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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