Friday, July 2, 2010

Sunscreen Ingredient Danger

I am so mad. I just checked my sunscreen and sure enough, it contains retinyl palmitate. The Coppertone baby sunscreen does not, but the Coppertone oil free for FACES does! Now that I look closer, it says "helps prevent premature skin aging." I assumed that was because it was keeping you from getting tan, not because it has an anti-aging chemical in it. I am so frustrated. Check your sunscreen. I really didn't think this was as common as the article suggests. I guess I was wrong!

FROM NBC: A U.S. senator is calling on the FDA to reveal findings about a possible link between a common chemical in sunscreen and skin cancer. Democrat Charles Schumer says the Food and Drug Administration has been reviewing data about the potential health risk of the chemical retinyl palmitate since July of last year.

He's calling on the FDA to provide its evaluation of the data and recommendations immediately.
Schumer says consumers deserve to know whether or not retinyl palmitate can actually lead to an increase in the risk of skin cancer. Senator Charles Schumer/New York: "The studies, if they're true suggest, the vary product that protects us from the sun may actually increase our chances of developing the disease it's supposed to protect us from getting. Millions of Americans use sunscreen to keep themselves and their families protected from the dangers of too much sun. If the product they are using does more harm than good, everyone has the right to know and the FDA has to take action."

Retinyl palmitate
, a vitamin a derivative, is found in hundreds of the most popular sunscreen products. One study found that tumors and lesions developed up to 21 percent faster in lab animals coated in the chemical.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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