Monday, June 7, 2010

Chocolate Flavored Formula?

I bet you can guess, this is not something I would buy. I am wondering why toddlers need formula. I mean really-what percentage of toddlers actually NEED formula? I read the response from Enfagrow. Maybe the population WANTS chocolate/vanilla flavored toddler formula. Who knows! This is strange to me.

FROM NBC: Variety may be the spice of life. But should toddlers get their 'formulas' in a variety of flavors? That's become a concern, now that chocolate and vanilla are being offered by a leading maker of children's nutritional products. "All right. Give it the nose test. Mmmm-hm. Yeah, yeah." "

I mean, it's something you and I could drink." "Yeah, it's pretty tempting." "But I don't know about a one-year-old."
MaryLou Scott's daughter Johnna is many months away from becoming 'of age' for flavored toddler formula. And MaryLou won't hear of that. It'll be milk and natural juices for Johnna. Not a concoction flavored with chocolate or vanilla. Mary Lou: "And when you look at our endemic of childhood obesity these days -- that makes me a little bit nervous.

I'd rather he be more of a natural baby (Johnna burps). Right sweetie? Yeah."
Dr. William Hitchcock, Pediatrician:"Y'know, I can just see the kid sit there and say no, stomping their feet, pursing their lips and so forth." Pediatricians tell us, and the maker of enfagrow acknowledges, that the flavored formulas are meant to be 'niche' products for finicky eaters -- and phased out sooner than later. Dr. William Hitchcock, Pediatrician:"Y'know, in moderation, for a short term fix, it's okay. But I would agree that you want to get the child back on regular milk or nonfat milk, and certainly on fruits and vegetables in a well-rounded diet."

MaryLou Scott, Mom: "This still isn't something that would enter into your thought process, that it might help if she's a picky eater?" "I don't think so. Because in a way she already is a picky eater, 'cause she's on a really sensitive formula right now. But baby formulas -- all of them don't taste well. And we're talking about birth to 12 months."

MaryLou is a nurse practitioner, and says the more sugar and other chemicals that are added to formulas, the greater the chances of allergies and adverse reactions. Mead Johnson nutrition company, the maker of Enfagrow, says the products are comparable to those of competitors, and contain more nutrients than milk.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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