Thursday, May 27, 2010

Children's Medicine Recall

Executives from Johnson & Johnson testified in front of a house oversight committee after recalling millions of bottles of children's medication most parents have on hand. I had my mom pick up some generic meds the other weekend and we used most of them this week. All three boys have been sick with fevers. I still need to request my money back from the Benadryl, Zyrtec and Tylenol I have in the cabinet. So if you are like me and you haven't done it yet, here's the information:

Request a Refund

FROM NBC: A month after Johnson and Johnson recalled more than 130-million bottles of children's medications, company executives were called to testify in front of a house oversight committee.

Also today -- new allegations emerged that the company knew of potential contamination problems related to Motrin tablets in 2008 -- and tried to cover it up by buying up as much of the product as possible.
It's a claim Johnson and Johnson fiercely denies -- as it tries to repair its damaged reputation. "What went wrong that caused one of the largest makers of children's medicine to recall millions?" That is the million dollar question -- one many moms and dads have been asking since a division of Johnson and Johnson -- one of the most trusted brands in America -- recalled more than 40 infant and children's liquid medications because of quality problems.

Those include pain relievers Tylenol and Motrin -- and allergy medications Benadryl and Zyrtec.
On Thursday, representatives from Johnson and Johnson and the Food and Drug Administration testified before a house oversight committee. FDA regulators say an inspection at a Fort Washington, Pennsylvania plant revealed bacterial contamination of ingredients, thick dust and grime covering equipment, and the potential for some medicines to become too potent.

Dr. Joshua Sharfstein/ FDA deputy commissioner "We consider these quality problems to be quite significant. and we want to fix them before it becomes a point where we're counting the problem in hospitalizations and injuries instead of in bottles recalled." So far -- no one has reported serious injuries from the medicines.
Colleen Goggins of Johnson & Johnson says the company has changed its leadership at the Fort Washington plant and brought in outside experts. She defended the company's testing and quality control procedures.

Colleen Goggins - Johnson & Johnson "We did not knowingly use the products with bacteria, and we did not knowingly release them into the marketplace." Not comforting words to many parents -- who have been advised to throw these medications out, and put their faith in generic brands instead.
"...fear of the unknown..." Also unknown -- is when production will resume at the Fort Washington plant. Johnson and Johnson will first submit a plan of action to the FDA in July. The FDA says it's continuing a criminal investigation into the company.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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