Thursday, April 22, 2010

You Give Kids Cavities

The last thing I want to do is spread my cavities and other dental issues to my kids. I am sitting at work with my mouth still numb from a filling this morning. Like most people, I am not exactly thrilled to go to the dentist, but today's appointment went a lot smoother than Tuesday's! Earlier this week, I found out I have a tooth anomaly. Tissue grew around the root of one of my teeth and when they drilled into it... um.. lets just say tissue bleeds and bleeds and bleeds. Luckily, I have a good dentist who is totally calm. I didn't realize exactly what was happening so I didn't freak out too much. Two days later, my mouth is still sore and I even have cracked skin on the side of my mouth because it was open for so many hours. Then today I went back in for a filling on another tooth. Have you ever tried to put on lipstick while your mouth is numb? It is strangest thing. After this week, I really hope my kids' teeth are healthier than mine! I won't be taste testing the baby's food any time soon!

FROM NBC: It's a practice of many moms, testing your baby's food before they eat it. But, you could be passing something on to your kids cavities! Maia Trible likes yogurt. That's why her mother Gena tastes the toddler's food, it's something mothers do it everyday, but we've learned parents may be giving their babies cavities! Gena Tribble/UT dental branch researcher-you can actually transfer those cavities from your mouth to your child's mouth.

Dr. Gena Tribble says baby Maia isn't going to immediately get cavities from her mom. However, Tribble says if parents share spoons, kisses, and saliva with their children it's possible, especially if you ***have a cavity.
And it's not just children who can "catch" cavities from their parents, adults can spread bacteria to each other that causes peridontal disease and a host of other problems. Experts say spouses often spread gingivalis bacteria which causes peridontal disease.

Dr. Tribble has received a 1 million dollar NIH grant to find out why the bacteria is so hard to kill.
She says bacteria needs to be killed because it not only causes tooth loss, but it's also linked to heart disease, preterm labor, and complications for diabetics. Tribble-"They're really causing a chronic lifelong infection and we need to find out better ways to treat that." Dr. Sandford Fenton says cavity causing bacteria and peridontal disease are easily spread by sharing toothbrushes, cups. Sanford Fenton: "If you share the same toothpaste tube the community tube in the bathroom it can easily spread the germs of bacteria from mouth to mouth."

Fenton recommends:
1-separate tubes of toothpaste for each family member 2-do not share anything 3-have frequent dental check ups especially if you're pregnant 4-brush when a baby get the first tooth and 5- chew gum with xylitol after meals. Dr. Tribble-"There are many scientific studies that show if you chew gum containing xylitol after every meal, you're much less likely to transfer these bacteria to your children." So these dental scientists say, 'be careful who you kiss!' or at least brush and floss well after those kisses!

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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