Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March Madness Vasectomies

I think it might be my age, but I keep hearing about more and more men having vasectomies. Are you or your husband planning on permanent birth control?

FROM NBC: You heard right -- across the country -- the number of scheduled vasectomies tends to jump by about half the week the men's NCAA basketball tournament begins.

Dr. Stephen Jones/Urologist Cleveland Clinic
"We'll certainly see a load start early Thursday morning and they're prepared by the time the games get started. a lot of those guys are already ready. They're propped back and hopefully icing down and ready for a good weekend." A good weekend -- of doing nothing but chilling out with your feet up.

Dr. Stephen Jones - Urologist/Cleveland Clinic:"At least 24-48 hours with an ice pack on. Frozen peas and corn are often used. some of the guys tease about a cold beer, I'm not sure how well that works."
Vasectomies are an elective surgery and shouldn't be taken lightly.. However, keep in mind if you're looking for an excuse for next year vasectomies are reversible. By the way -- doctors have noticed a similar jump in surgeries just before the super bowl, too.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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