Sunday, March 14, 2010

Breast Milk Cheese

I couldn't resist posting this one!

FROM NBC: Most chefs are known for their creativity and a desire to whip up new and exciting dishes. But a "natural" ingredient in one new york city recipe is raising a few eyebrows. Daniel Angerer mixed a new milk into a cheese recipe. His wife's breast milk.

Angerer, who co-owns a restaurant with his wife, says their freezer was overflowing with milk for their infant daughter. With freezer space tight, he brainstormed a use for it.
Daniel Angerer: created recipe "I said, I look at her-- cheese? Let's make some cheese. (laughs) are you fine with that? And yeah, off we go- two o'clock in the morning we are whipping up some cheese."

Angerer blogged about his recipe, and says his phone's been ringing off the hook. An internet search for
"mommy's milk cheese recipe" will bring it up. The cheese is --not-- sold at their restaurant.

The ingredients:

Step-by Step
My Spouse’s Mommy Milk Cheese Making Experiment
(basic recipe using 8 cups of any milk - yields about ½ pound cheese)

2 cups mother’s milk
2 cups milk (just about any animal milk will work)
1½-teaspoon yogurt (must be active cultured yogurt)
1/8-tablet rennet (buy from supermarket, usually located in pudding section)
1 teaspoon sea salt such as Baline

Click here for details on how to cook it.

I can relate to having a freezer full of breast milk and wanting something to do with it. I have looked in to donating it, but I do have a glass of wine now and then and I don't think that is allowed when donating. Although, research shows one glass of wine doesn't get into the breast milk anyway.

So I thought this article was interesting. My question is who eats the cheese? I don't want to eat it. The baby is too young to eat it. I am sure my husband wouldn't dare eat it. So do I feed it to my other kids? I don't know. It doesn't quite seem right, but it doesn't gross me out like it does other people. What do you think?

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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