Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Autism at 6 Months

I was told by a developmental pediatrician years ago that there are kids who start to have typical development and then stop and regress. According to this article, that regressive autism is more common that we might think. That is a scary thought. My baby is five months old right now and is developing at a normal pace. He smiles and laughs and interacts with people all the time. I would be devastated if all that just stopped. I am having so much fun with the little guy!

A new study finds babies don't show the earliest symptoms of autism any sooner than six months old. Researchers regularly examined a group of babies -- some considered to be high risk for autism -- and others who were not.
They monitored the babies' smiling, babbling and eye contact during each exam until they were three years old.

They found the symptoms of autism began to emerge between six and 12 months of age. By six months, most of the infants who developed autism showed declines in social communication.
Then --after-- six months their eye contact, social smiling and responsiveness declined as well.

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