Monday, July 6, 2009

Marriage Age

At what age do people get married these days? You always hear about people being older and older before they tie the knot, but is it true? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention studied surveys filled out by over 12,000 adults age 15 to 44-years-old. They found over 80% of men and 86% of women will marry by the time they turn 40-years-old.

They also found women tend to marry younger than men. There is a 50% probability that women will be married by 25-years-old. For men, there's a 50% probability they will be married by 27-years-old.

17% of women and 25% of men have not married by 35-years-old.

And African American men and women are less likely to be married at age 35 than Caucasian men and women.

Past studies have shown being married leads to better physical, emotional and economic well-being. The study did not look at divorce rates-although we know they are very high!

I totally fit the statistic. I was 25 when I got married. My husband turned 27 the day after our wedding. How old were you and your spouse when you got married? Have you noticed people waiting longer to get married? I have! My best friends from high school all got married several years after me and I am the only one with children so far. (and soon to be lots of them! They probably think I am crazy with three little boys!)

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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