Sunday, July 5, 2009

Last week we talked about the cost of parenting and some of you mentioned those money guzzling diapers! It made me wonder if I am spending more than I need to on disposables.

One mom wrote:

I know several moms that have used However, unless you have babies/kids with sensitive skin (where they are allergic to most types of diapers), you can get them cheaper at Target or Dollar General. I was getting diapers for around 18 cents at Dollar General. But right now, the "Up and Up" brand at Target is on sale, so that means our size diapers are 16 cents a diaper. Pampers and Huggies on (for our size 4) run 25-26 cents a diaper. I am loving the Target diapers and wipes ... just wish I would have found them a long time ago.

So now I am wondering if I am in the minority here. We used to go to Sam's to get diapers/wipes in bulk, but have since let our membership end. Diapers/wipes ended up being the only thing we got there so the cost wasn't really worth it. Right now we are using Huggies size four for our two-year-old. I checked out and Target. Target's Huggies were $1.00 more. However, at I would have had to spend more than $50.00 to get free shipping. The lg bag was on sale for $40.99. S0, then I was wondering about the "up and up" brand from Target. They are definitely cheaper, but I do worry they will leak. I tried generics with both of my boys and they stained their clothes so I gave up on that. I think I will try the Target brand with my two-year-old and see if they work.

What diapers do you like best and which diapers are the best deal?

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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