Friday, June 26, 2009

Teen Death While Texting?

YOURHEARTOFILLINOIS.COM: Investigators tonight are trying to determine whether texting while driving lead to a crash that killed a Eureka teen yesterday. The community is in mourning after the death of 17–year–old Alyssa Burns.

Her car crashed on Eureka's 800 North County Highway about one Thursday afternoon.. AND Investigators say cell phone records show the victim may have been texting right before the accident.
Crashes like this one motivated lawmakers to propose new laws to make texting while driving illegal.

Regardless of the crash's cause...loved ones and friends are trying keep Alyssa Burns' memory alive. The soon–to–be Eureka High senior died late yesterday afternoon...after losing control of her car on a two–lane highway and crashing into a cornfield.

Friends say she was an outgoing girl who loved to dance, and it's hard to believe she's really gone. It's definitely someone that's so famous in the school. Everyone likes her, and she's always bringing a smile to everyone's face. "It's just a heartbreaking moment."
Last night dozens of people gathered for a vigil at Eureka High School, and again today for a memorial balloon launch... Something friends of Burns say was as close to a proper sendoff as they could give.

"Purple was her favorite color, and then you wrote on the balloon what you wanted to say to her because nobody really got a chance to say goodbye."
Family members of Alyssa's did not want to go on camera, but did say no funeral arrangements have been made.

I am so sorry for this family. I can't imagine raising a child only to have them die as a teenager. It is just horrible. Whether texting had anything to do with her death or not, I hope stories like this one make other people think twice about texting and driving.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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