Monday, June 1, 2009

6 Months

Six months has not been fun! I started having contractions at 22 weeks! Yikes! So I am supposed to quit going grocery shopping and cleaning and all those little things we have to do. It is challenging. I have just been drinking lots of water and spending the majority of my day walking back and forth to the bathroom. Sometimes I will go days with no contractions, then I will have four or five in one day. I knew this would happen, but I was hoping it would be at more like 28-30 weeks. And I am not even going to mention my skin. Just horrible! I would look better if I wore my son's transformer mask! I hope that phase passes soon!

As Susie hinted at in the last post, my five-year-old is calling the baby Rex Robot, Robot for short. I truly think he will be disappointed when I don't give the baby that name. Can you imagine Robot Christensen? I do like unique names, but that's a little over the top. It has been so funny to gauge people's reactions though when my son tells them the baby's name is Robot. They look at me like, "He's kidding, right?" But they don't want to offend me so they don't say anything. I just laugh and say, "We'll see!"

I am using my neighbor's crib for this baby.It had some spots on it that needed to be sanded and re-stained. I didn't realize that part of the crib was particle board, so I basically ruined it when I put stain on it. It turned this lovely, dull poop black color. I ended up painting it and am going to put a sealer on it to see if that works. Otherwise, the top railing of the crib will have some ribbon or something on it. What a frustrating little fix! I have also decided to make the dust ruffle for the crib. I want a big, blue puff at the bottom and couldn't find a dust ruffle like that anywhere. Hopefully it turns out better than the crib! I knew I should have just taken it to a professional in the first place! It's such a cute crib!

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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