Saturday, May 30, 2009

Reader Suggestions

A mom sent me this message with some great suggestions on topics we have been discussing the past year. I thought you might be interested in her ideas!

You must begin watching/taping The Drs on ABC-TV from 3:00-4:00 pm. Earlier this week they discussed children not wanting to try new foods, let alone eating fruits and veggies. They stated you should make a game of it. So they had this table laden with fruits and veggies but separated by colors (reds, greens, oranges, etc.) and each child was to pick a food from a color group and try a small bite of it. It seemed to work but who can afford to buy all of that food and present it for just a few bites. I would recommend maybe 2 of each and go from there

I would also recommend going to and order the cook book by Jerry Seinfields' wife. Her recipes incorporate all sorts of fruits and veggies disguised (grated carrots in meatloaf) so the kids don't know they are eating them. I believe the book sells for about $10.

Also when fruits and veggies are in season, you might buy up what you can and freeze it for when it is not available. Of course, not all things freeze well and you have to go for the canned. Cubs Foods carries 40 oz packages of frozen fruits - apples, rhubarb, berries, pineapple, etc. that you can get year round. Just remove what you need and return to the freezer. Prices are kind of high in my opinion but where are they not? Aldi's is more reasonable in pricing than most grocery stores but even they have to pay for the price of gas, etc. too. Most canned fruits/veggies vary from 39 cents and up and they do carry the current crop of fresh fruits and veggies that are cheaper than most grocery stores.

And finally, today's episode of The Drs had two doctors (pediatrician and an allergist) who have a website - practical advice for Moms by Moms. It was very informative. They had a color wheel of various colors (white, green, yellow, brown and red) for the most asked question from Moms - baby poop. White indicates possible liver or gall bladder problems; green is normal for newborns; yellow is normal for breastfed babies; brown is normal; and red might be blood. This site might be a good recommendation for your daily feature of NewsAnchorMom, in addition to recommending The Drs as must see TV for parents.~ Susan

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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