Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Safe Kids Week

It is national Safe Kids Week and boy do I have a story to tell! As you may know, my 2-year-old has decided to crawl out of his crib and sleep on his toy chest just about every night(we often go in and move him back into the crib.) The reason this is such a big concern for me is because when my now five-year-old started doing the same thing, he jumped out and broke his collar bone! I will never forget the crying and more crying. It was awful! Then we went to the ER, spent a ton of money on x-rays and doctor's visits and found out collar bones heal on their own. There is nothing a parent can do. Uh, that was NOT a good experience! So I am taking some extra measures like putting a mattress outside the crib and lowering the rail to make sure it doesn't happen again! Here's an email about Safe Kids Week:

Hi Jen,

First, I want to congratulate you on your pregnancy! So exciting! You may already be aware, but National Safe Kids Week is coming up April 27-May 2. I’m helping out an organization called Safe Kids get the word out and share some safety tips.

Spring is here and summer is a stone’s throw away. When kids are out of school and playing more outside, they invariably get into more trouble. So, Safe Kids’ mission is to give parents the tools to prevent accidental child injuries from occurring. I don’t want to get all somber and focus on the accidents. What I DO want to do is just point some moms to the Web site to get some safety tips. The Web site is

Safe Kids has already contributed to a 45 percent reduction in the child fatality rate from unintentional injury, but the work has just begun.



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