Sunday, April 26, 2009

Parent Cafe'

Some of you may be interested in this parent cafe'. It's a chance to spend some time with other parents you know and meet some new ones! I believe these are held around the nation, but I only have info on the one here in Central Illinois. It's on Cinco De Mayo! So go chat with parents and maybe have a margarita afterwards! Hah!

Parent Café in East Peoria
Would you like to strengthen your family? Do you have tough parenting questions? A Parent Café may be the answer for you. The main course on the Café menu is conversation with other parents. This event is planned to share experiences and learn that everyone faces difficult events, but gets stronger as a result. Parents and caregivers of any age child are welcome to attend the Parent Café on Tuesday, May 5th. Tazewell Woodford Head Start at 233 Leadley Avenue in East Peoria is hosting the Parent Café. Registration and dinner will begin at 5:15 pm with the Café from 5:30-7:30 pm. Dinner is FREE and childcare is available with a reservation.

Parent Cafés have been designed to add to parenting knowledge by sharing and listening to others experiences. Building friendships and relationships with others as support is also accomplished through conversation. Parents learn about resources and the benefits of receiving services from others. By sharing challenging personal events, parents will grow stronger and become more flexible. Parent Cafés have assisted parents to appreciate the role they play in helping their children reach their potential.
For reservations, please contact Julie at (309) 925-5511, ext. 266 by April 30, 2009. Remember you MUST have a reservation to receive childcare for this event.
Parents and caregivers of any age child are welcome to attend the Parent Café on Tuesday, May 5th. The Parent Café is sponsored by the Tazewell County Health Department’s AOK Network. The Café is located at the Head Start Family Center at 233 Leadley Avenue in East Peoria. Registration and dinner will begin at 5:15pm with the Café from 5:30-7:30 pm. Registration is required to attend the both event and reserve babysitting. Dinner and childcare are FREE.

Parent Cafe
May 14, 2009
5:30pm to 8pm
Western Avenue Community Center
600 N Western Ave, Bloomington, IL

Reservations - call (309) 888-5539
or email

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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