Monday, April 27, 2009

Benjamin Sargent Update

Obviously James Sargent has not been tried yet and he is innocent until proven guilty. The details the trial is bringing out are hard to stomach! Our reporter-Ashley-started telling me about this poor baby who police say was found in his snow suit in his car seat in the crib. They say he hadn't been changed or fed for days. I can't even write this without crying. Whether it's all true or not, it is hard to hear.

The murder trial for a Peoria man accused of starving his 5–month–old son to death began today. Four witnesses testified against 24-year-old James Sargent this afternoon including his mother, his son's pediatrician and his friend.

Sargent, who faces two counts of first-degree murder, did not display any emotion in court today. One witness, a friend was living in the couple's garage at the time of Benjamin Sargent's death wept on the stand as described the home as nasty.

He also claimed that he took care of the infant more than either parent and that the home was littered with parenting pamphlets.

There is no jury for this trial, the judge will rule on his guilt or innocence. The child's mother is also being charged with murder, her trial will begin in May. The state will continue presenting its case tomorrow. The trial is expected to last until Wednesday.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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